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Evaluation and Impact Studies

Evaluation and understanding the impact of an activity is an important part of the process as it helps in analysis the project progress and provides valuable feedback which is very much important to make necessary changes.

Considering it as a very important input in accessing a program success or failure, CACL conducts in depth evaluation and impact studies with an aim to provide reliable and quality information to its clients.

The main goals of these studies are

  • To develop a pragmatic methodology for the systematic evaluation impact assessment of activities;
  • To implement the methodology on the projects
  • To assess the scope and scale of impacts in such a way as to enhance assessments of programme performance and suggest recommendations for the future.

The Evaluation and Impact Study undertaken by CACL assesses the performance of the projects and programmes focusing on the following:

  • Effectiveness- have the goals been attained?
  • Efficiency - what is the return of investment?
  • Impacts-what has happened as a consequence of the project outputs?
  • Relevance - how important are these impacts for all stakeholders concerned?
  • Progress factors-which factors have affected the progress of the projects?

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