Concept Agrotech Consultants Ltd.

Our Eminent Experts

  • Ashok Khosla, Internationally renowned food and agribusiness expert
  • YC Nanda, former Chairman – NABARD, authority on farm credit subject
  • Dr. KL Chadha, President, Horticulture Society of India. Internationally renowned expert
  • Dr. MP Yadav, former Director – IVRI. Nationally renowned expert on livestock
  • SK Patra, CEO, Patanjali Food Ltd. Expert on fertilizer and agribusiness
  • Dr. SM Ilyas, Livelihood Consultant, NIRD. Renowned expert of mechanization and post harvest management
  • Dr. HP Singh, Chairman, Horticulture Federation and former DDG Horticulture
  • Sunil Khairnar, IIM-A, Chairman, Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals
  • KS Raju, IIM – A, Director, Poorvi farm Tech P Ltd.
  • Pinaki Dey, Director, Anjali Financial Services. Agribusiness and micro-finance expert.

Our Clients