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Market Entry and Business Facilitation

Perception management has today emerged central to corporate management, as perceptions positions the company and guide actions of Government, public, media and stake-holders. To maintain high level of motivation and employee retention, getting media and regulatory support and even pricing of products is linked to how the company is perceived and how the same is positioned in the market, industry and among stake-holders. With the active involvement of media, CACL assists organisations as responsible corporate citizens amongst policy makers, scientists, government officials, NGOs, media professionals and industry; and thus creates a favorable opinion and build a positive corporate image.

In the field of Agriculture, Food Processing, Retail by making in depth market research, analysis, facilitating processes, licensing, alliances etc.

  • Devising corporate communication.
  • Media and PR management.
  • Executing publicity and promotion mix
  • Handling public and Government affairs
  • Providing market and industry feedback
  • Proper organizational positioning
  • Company's positioning and brand equity
  • Perception and relationship management

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