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Marketing and Product related services

CACL provides valuable insight in preparing marketing strategy and product development plans. The success of a product depends on its positioning. The launch of a product is the most crucial parameter in product positioning. Realizing the importance of product launch, CACL assists in finding answers of few basic questions: where to launch/when to launch/how to launch and more. With a wide network of qualified agriculture graduates CACL can organize a suitable launch and conduct any promotional campaign in any part of the country. Suitable product and market promotions considering the local environmental factors would be planned in order to create maximum impact.

Formulating appropriate marketing strategies is a challenging task for corporate. CACL assists in devising aggressive marketing plans based on the analysis of business environment, market dynamics and the feedback from the target group. Information derived from extensive market research and product testing is analyzed to develop the right marketing mix. CACL also plans specific advertising and communication strategy keeping into consideration factors like product, price, competition, local factors etc.

The approach for this is through developing a customized marketing mix for the client to s tudy the marketing system, marketing operations, existing marketing network, efficiency norms, exploring synergetic business partnership and suggest overall marketing restructuring. Other services and the scope of this activity includes:

  • Market intelligence, sales channel analysis, distribution analysis, and comparative sales team performance and promotion aspects
  • Analyse the operations in light of the changing trends and the overall business environment to work out a suitable product and marketing mix
  • Develop a suitable distribution and marketing network for maximum output
  • Test the effectiveness of current promotional programmes and formulate effective communication strategy
  • Undertake brand perception study for the company brands and products
  • Carry out product life cycle study for various product categories
  • Undertake socio-economic analysis of the farmers amongst the database farmers to understand the image of the company
  • Balancing and synergizing product portfolio
  • Product launch strategy for proper product positioning
  • Product mix, marketing plans and set up
  • Marketing & promotional campaigns
  • Launch of new product
  • Promotion and products development
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Advertising, Media and PR management

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