Concept Agrotech Consultants Ltd.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

CACL Research Wing has a dedicated team of experts from agriculture and management background. CACL's domain knowledge helps in understanding the client's needs precisely and accordingly the research methodology is developed. This involves Primary survey which is done with the help of structured questionnaires, panel discussions. Delphi methods and in-depth interviews of industry experts are generally used techniques at CACL. The secondary information available about market is used to strengthen the analysis and recommendations given by CACL.

CACL also assists the clients in finding the feasibility of a product or a new project in a particular market based on market demand and supply scenario, competition level, future market, growth prospects and external factors having impact on the market. All these variables are analyzed very critically to find the future market trends and give the optimized solutions.

CACL's business restructuring service assists clients in formulating the business strategy in alignment with the changing economic and business environment. This is a focused approach keeping in mind the people, processes and technology involved. Benchmarking the best practices in industry worldwide and finding an innovative way for compatibility of these practices in local conditions always remains a challenging task, which CACL meets.

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