Concept Agrotech Consultants Ltd.

Project and Business Consulting

CACL has deep understanding of the agribusiness market and the industry with its wide network and database of companies all over the country. Our continuous relationships with the sector and related activities over the years have improved our access as well as recognition and acceptance. This helps us in finding a win-win partner for our clients and helps them align with each other.

Market dynamics are changing very fast with the changing market environment. It is becoming very essential for the companies of every sector to keep track of market in their respective segment very closely and keep themselves ready for the quick response to any change. Tapping the business opportunities through constantly scanning and analyzing the business environment, formulating growth and diversification plans, analyzing the market trends looking at various internal and external factors, analyzing the strength and weakness of organisation, right projection and perception management and accordingly placing a winning strategy is the route to be competitive at any given point of time.

CACL with its deep understanding of agribusiness sector, focused consulting approach and domain expertise can assist corporate in identifying new business opportunities by offering project and business consulting from identifying opportunities to completing the execution. The scope of services includes:

  • Identify new business opportunities through product and territory diversification, acquisition and strategic alliances
  • Identifying suitable alliances with marketing & distribution strong companies and co-marketing
  • Identifying suitable alliances with marketing & distribution strong companies and co-marketing
  • Analyse the operations in light of the changing trends and the overall business environment to work out a suitable product and marketing mix
  • Assess the suitability of target markets, companies value proposition and product positioning
  • Develop a suitable distribution and marketing network for maximum output
  • Study the marketing system, marketing operations, existing marketing network, efficiency norms and suggest overall marketing restructuring
  • Explore the options available for co-branding with a synergetic business partnership.
  • Work out business growth projections in the light of the changing demographics, psychographics, technological, social, regulatory and economic framework
  • Test the effectiveness of current promotional programmes and formulate effective communication strategy.
  • Analysing competitors business and marketing plans.

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