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Strategic Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions

Today is the time for sharing, co-branding and leveraging on the strengths of one another on the principle of Complementary Strengths Strategy. The growing examples of co-branding of popular financial and consumer products to achieve best effectiveness bears testimony to the increasing acceptance of this concept, and which holds good for agribusiness sector too. Tying up with marketing and distribution strong companies and other rural marketing organisations can be a good option, but selecting right organisations is very important. A long term view on future plans, organizational culture, product portfolios, business commitment and most importantly the terms of association / acquisition need to be very carefully understood and worked out.

CACL's association with agriculture sector with its wide network and information base enables it in finding the opportunities of collaboration for clients. The process is based on new business opportunities, synergy with the current business activities and tying up with suitable partners. In the globalization led market, various global players are entering India and rising business opportunities in India drives the opportunities for strategic alliances, wherein partners focus on their respective strengths to tap the opportunities effectively.

With the opening of the agriculture sector and Government?s consistence focus on the sector has opened up a sea of opportunities in all spheres of agribusiness. This has attracted a large number of industrial houses to diversify into agribusiness as also encouraged existing players to draw up ambitious growth plans. This has given rise to the possibilities for merger and acquisitions in Indian agribusiness sector.

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